Township Committee

The Township Committee is the governing body established by State law for the Township form of government. Mansfield has five members who are elected to serve as Township Committee members. The terms of the members are for three years staggered terms, so that at least one member is up for election every year. One member is chosen annually to serve as Mayor. The Mayor presides at the meetings and votes as a member of the Committee. All formal legislative and executive powers are exercised by the Committee as a whole. The Township Committee has allocated coordination of administrative and departmental functions among its members. Every Township board and department has at least one member of Committee as a liaison.


Committee Meetings are held in the Town Hall Meeting Room, 3135 Route 206 South, Suite 2, Columbus, NJ 08022 and begin at 6:00 P.M. unless otherwise specified. Please check the Township Calendar for meeting dates, cancellations, and time changes.

Committee Members