Office of Emergency Management

Coordinator – Douglas J. Borgstrom
Assistant Coordinator – Sean Gable
Secretary –¬†Thomas Minard¬†

609-298-5325 ext. 102

The MANSFIELD TOWNSHIP Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of plans and projects directed at protecting the lives and property of the residents of this township in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Mansfield OEM utilizes an all hazards approach to emergency operations planning and preparedness.

The Mansfield Office of Emergency Management meets the legal requirements established by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management for preparedness to respond to many types of emergencies or disasters. Our NJOEM approved Emergency Operations Plan provides a means of coordinating the activities of local and mutual aid emergency response agencies (emergency medical, fire/rescue, and police) during any major emergency event such as hurricane, forest fire, winter storm, or man-made disasters.

As part of our on-going preparedness actions, Mansfield OEM utilizes the Burlington County OEM funded CODE RED automated emergency notification calling system to alert and advise township residents in the event of public safety and emergency situations.

Our goal is to identify areas and issues of concern to mitigate them, prepare for all hazards, respond, and recover.