AATGMN Property, LLC-Kinkora Road & Route 130

Posted on January 21st, 2022
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New Submittal Documents:

5-2022 Concept Plan Route 130 Kinkora

5-2022 FWW LOI Approval

5-2022Habitat Review Email Chain

5-2022HSD Statement

5-2022 LOI TE Habitat Decision Timeframe

5-2022 NJDEP Submission Summary

5-2022 OWRMC_DMR_Data_Past 60 Months 4.14.2022

5-2022 Proposed SSA

5-2022 SSA SOC 4.14.22

5-2022 Submission Clarifications

5-2022 USGS Map

5-2022 WQMP Amendment Notification Letter TWP 4.14.22



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C-101 Cover C-102 Notes C-201 Overall Demo C-205 Demo D C-206 Demo E C-207 Demo F C-208 Demo G C-209 Demo HC-301 Overall Site C-302 Site A C-303 Site B C-304 Site C C-305 Site D C-306 Site E C-307 Site F C-308 Site G C-309 Site HC-401 Overall Grade C-402 Grade A C-403 Grade B C-404 Grade C C-405 Grade D C-406 Grade E C-407 Grade F C-408 Grade G C-409 Grade HC-501 Overall Utility C-502 Utility A C-503 Utility B C-504 Utility C C-505 Utility D C-506 Utility E C-507 Utility F C-508 Utility G C-509 Utility HC-510 Utility Chart C-511 Utility Chart C-601 Overall SESC C-602 SESC A C-603 SESC B C-604 SESC C C-605 SESC D C-606 SESC E C-607 SESC FC-608 SESC G C-609 SESC H C-610 E&S Notes C-611 E&S Details C-701 Overall Lscp C-702 Lscp A C-703 Lscp B C-704 Lscp C C-705 Lscp DC-706 Lscp E C-707 Lscp F C-708 Lscp G C-709 Lscp H C-710 LNts C-711 Overall Lght C-712 Lght A C-713 Lght B C-714 Lght C C-715 Lght D C-716 Lght E C-717 Lght FC-718 Lght G C-719 Lght H C-720 LgNt C-801 Prof C-802 Prof C-803 ProfC-804 Prof C-805 Prof C-806 Prof C-807 Prof C-808 Prof C-809 Prof C-810 Prof C-811 Prof C-812 ProfC-813 Prof C-814 Prof C-815 Prof C-901 Details C-902 Details C-903 Details C-904 Details X1 Vehicle Circ X2 Vehicle Circ

05-200291-00 2021-10-21

Existing Drainage Area Map 1 of 4 Proposed Drainage Area Map 2 of 4 Proposed Inlet Drainage Area Map 3 of 4 Proposed Inlet Drainage Area Map 4 of 4

PC211245 – Stormwater Management Report-0

~ Combined_2021-11 O & M Manual

11-30-21 Cover letter

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