Forms & Permits

 Solicitation / Peddlers Application  Township Clerk

Open Public Records Act Request Form

Hotels_Motels License Application

Landlord Registration Form

Change of Tenant Form

 Township Clerk
Marriage License Application
Marriage License Application (Spanish)Application for certification or certified copy of vital recordsRequest Form – Request for Certified Copy of a Vital Record
 Township Clerk
 No Knock Application and Ordinance 2013-11  Township Clerk
Tree Removal Application  Township Clerk
 Recreation Permit applicationJan2016  Township Clerk
Vote by Mail Ballot Application  Township Clerk
 Voter Registration Form  Township Clerk
 Absentee Ballot Application (vote by mail)  Township Clerk
Business Registration Form Fire Prevention
Fire Safety Permit Application Fire Prevention
Home Resale Fire Insp. App.05-2021 application proof.docx

Updated 8/6/20. REALTORS: Please check back for each resale to ensure you have the most recent updates to application and code.

 Fire Prevention

Construction Permit Documents

Chimney Verification

BOH Addition or Change of Use Form


Driveway Permit App Blank

Joint Land Use Board Application – Updated 2021

fee schedule land use & development appl.

checklist a – general

checklist b – site plan

checklist c – major subdivision

checklist d – minor subdivision

checklist e – appeals

 Land Use
Township Zoning Map Zoning / Land Use
Affidavit for Slabs/Patios Form  Zoning Officer

BOH Addition or Change of Use Form

NEW Zoning Permit App


Zoning Officer
Tax Assessor 200ft Search  Tax Assessor
 Permanent Change of Address Form  Tax Assessor
Tax Appeal Form  Tax Assessor
 Township Clerk
Affordable Housing Program Application Township Clerk
Facility Use Application  Township Clerk
Dog and Cat License – New Registration and Renewals Township Clerk

Vacant Property Registration                                           Township Clerk

Bingo Application

Raffle Application

Dumpster Permit Application Chapter 16C Dumpsters

road opening permit app