Notary Services/Fees…Please click for more information

Posted on March 14th, 2019

Ordinance 2019-4

As a service to the public, the Township often makes available the services of its staff who are licensed notaries public within the State of New Jersey.  However, there is no obligation to provide these services, and it is afforded as a courtesy as a nominal fee.  The fees for services associated with the notary service are set forth below.  However, it is expressly understood, that should staff in the Clerk’s office be unable, due to time or other constraints, to provide these services, they will not be obligated to do so.  Moreover, should they agree to do so, time and other circumstances permitting, there will be a limit of no more than thirty (30) documents per requestor, per day, which staff will be permitted to handle and notarize or provide the other services set forth below.  The fees are as follows: Administration of oath/affirmation: $2.50/each occurrence; Execution of jurat: $2.50/each occurrence; Taking proof of a deed: $2.50/each occurrence;Taking an acknowledgment: $2.50/each occurrence